Daudi Kisakye Williams | A&R Manager

Daudi brings a worldly plethora of knowledge and insight to his general vision. Coming from a symphonic music background, and being brought up into a family of artists, Daudi brings a truly unique spirit of musical theory to any production concept. As a passionate percussionist Daudi pays great attention to the details of each component within a production concept and can therefore bring out the best in each contributor on a body of work.

Daudi has been an influential, integral contributor to various projects within several genres from hip hop to new-age melodic afro-jazz. With several years of experience in corporate PR, Daudi demonstrates world class communication skills and is therefore able to bring the best talent together for the greater good of the music. With such communication abilities, Daudi adequately connects business to creativity in a fashion where everybody sees equal benefit, and organic growth can therefore be embraced across the board.

Daudi’s interest in artist development has been the cornerstone to his driving force in the music industry. Having worked alongside the likes of Gerard Brock, Judge Jules, Sam Davarci, Sony Music, Universal Music and several others, Daudi offers a variety of subject matter expertise to Booshu Records.